Kenika Herb

The Charm of Thai Herbs

Kenika Herb

The Charm of Thai Herbs

Kenika's Story !

Why must be " Brand Kenika Herb " ?

Because in 2009 I have ever had big problem with myself at my face. I have been allergic Chemicals from Changing my hair color.

And that's the reason for the beginning of the large pus-filled pimples all over ov my face .

Since then I have spent all of my time researching Thai herbs to be used cure my face to return to be lost as before within 7months. And after that I was able to help people who allergic to various cosmetics get back to normal like me. So, It has been a great extension of my learning to correct and treat acne, freckles and dark spots etc.

Later in 2015, I have big problem about gray hair are re bornding surrounding re growth over all my head .And this growing gray hair gave me a very hard itching . " The more it itch, the more you scratch. And the more you scratch, the more it itches."


It really hurts so much for me in that time. After that, I did some research to learn more and more about Thai herbs in order to help relieve the itching grom gray hair and finally get rid of it. All Thai herbs that I known are really helpfull of treating hair loss and promote hair growth in a 100% natural way .

This is because the hair made of proteins, which originate in the hair follicles. Therefore , the cycle of hair will always have hair loss and regrowth .


If you know how to treat then all hair loss will be return back to normal as well. And the benefit of each herb is really good for skin head with also good enough to promote new hair growth .And the slogan of Brand Kenika Herb is " The Charm of Thai Herbs " My Goal Set For Baldness.


We have Special Package Price for people who had baldness and wish to return to have hair re bornd back as before as well then please contact us directly at + 66 61 978 5516 and + 66 65 945 9633 contact person name is Ms. Kenika Kulwanthong.


With best regards,


Ms. Kenika Kulwanthong

An Entrepreneur " Brand Kenika Herb "