Kenika Herb

The Charm of Thai Herbs

Kenika Herb

The Charm of Thai Herbs

🎯Kenika Hair Serum

🎯 How to Pick the Perfect Serum?

This Serum is Nutrient-rich from Natural Thai Herbal Extract ovevr 12 Types. Which Each of Thai Herbal Extract are really good results to treatment Baldhead or thinning hair to increase hair intensely and off white and get rid of it gradually . Which completely natural Thai Herbal. Best Serum is Hair Care product in a formula of natural luxurious Thai Herbal Medicine. Developed by Ms. Kenika Kulwanthong. With the secret recipe of Traditional Thai Medicine Extract. And Definitely This Serum is good enough for anyone .Because the serum is very helpful whether you're trying to re growth hair that you've lost or simply like to improve you existing hair or to treat hair thinning and also take care of new hair re growth hair from the roots of highly follicles to the lims, it gives hair a great shine and vitality gives strength and health of the hair quickly .

No Preservative and No Colors Added.


Kenika Hair Serum : Size 250 ML. Price 10US $

Wholesale 1 Dozen price $ 70

12 Dozens preice $ 840 with extra free 1 Dozen

Kenika Hair Serum : Size 1000 ML. Price 20US $      

Wholesale 1 Dozen price $ 160

12Dozens price $ 1920 with extra free 1 Doen         


🎯The benefit & Feature of Kenika Hair Serum

Good enough to Anti and Controls Hair loss ; Hair thin ; Bald head ; Dandruff . And Stimulate the emergence of re growth hair and leave hair looking thicker .And you will get the great Results after 6 months ahead... So, Kenika Hair Serum is perfect for anyone who wants to have hair thicker revert back .Kenika Hair Serum is The Thai cosmetics ever hair growth to increase intensely and off white hair and get rid of it gradually.

Take Note !

Keniks Hair Serun Size 250ML Price @ 289THB Or About 10US $

Keniks Hair Serun Size 1000ML Price @ 599THB Or About 20US $

Interested to purchase please contact Ms. Kenika Kulwanthong

☎️➕ 66 65 945 9633 Or

     ➕ 66 61 978  5516 Both Numbers are Possible call via WhatsApp


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