Kenika Herb

The Charm of Thai Herbs

Kenika Herb

The Charm of Thai Herbs

🎯All In One Shampoo

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This Shampoo is Nutrient-rich from Natural Thai Herbal Extract ovevr 12 Types. Which Each of Thai Herbal Extract are really good results to treatment Baldhead or thinning hair to increase hair intensely and off white and get rid of it gradually . Which completely natural Thai Herbal. Best Shampoo is Hair Care product in a formula of natural luxurious Thai Herbal Medicine. Developed by Ms. Kenika Kulwanthong. With the secret recipe of Traditional Thai Medicine Extract. And Definitely This Shampoo is good for Gentlemen who has Baldhead Only .Which this shampoo has a highly component of the best Thai herbs rare .Which is completely natural Thai herbal medecine extraction developed by Ms. Kenika Kulwanthong . With the secret recipe of tradition Thai medicine extraction for people who was in the bad situation from Baldhead .

And Ms. Kulwanthong dedicated helping all clients come back to happiest with their life as well as Kenika Herb still growing up.

I am the one that will bring your hair revert back to normal.


All In One Shampoo : Size 120G.

Price 3US $ Wholesale 1 Dozen price $26

12 Dozens price $ 312 with extra free 1 Dozen


🎯The benefit & Feature of All In One Shampoo

Helps to Cleans Hair with helping nourish the hair and scalp. And help hair increase thicker and changing from hair grey to dark hair and also leave hair looking thicker as well . So ,If you’re suffering from severe hair loss. All In One Shampoo is really good to anti hair loss shampoo for you. This shampoo will improve tensile strength of your hair which will prevent hair fall and will also boost hair growth. After using this shampoo, the texture of your hair will also improve. It will make your hair thicker, stronger and shiny. This hair loss shampoo is made from natural ingredients so it will not cause any harmful effects at all. How to used All In One Shampoo ? If your head have a little bit problem size as coin or just like the beginning will very easy quickly cure. Then just use All In Ine One Shampoo at all.Apply this shampoo massage into your hair concentrating on the roots and scalp and keep it on for 10-15minutes and wash it off with water . This treatment should be used everyday and at least 2 times a day. In case your head have a big size problem as fried egg then I strongly recommened you use with Kenika Hair Serum recover and then you will be getting the great results as well .

Take Note ! Will apply serum after wash your hair at all. And keep it on without rinse . And you can apply the serum at least 2 times or as much as you wish for male . And apply all around on your head. Espectuarly for people who had hair less in the front then apply this serum all around in the front that all. And no need wash it off.

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