Kenika Herb

The Charm of Thai Herbs

Kenika Herb

The Charm of Thai Herbs

Did you know that All In One Shampoo can help can help you treat hair loss and promote hair growth in a 100% natural way ? For male who has baldhead size as a big coin. All In One Shampoo is an Alternative Product from Thai Herbal made from Thai Herbs Extracted over 12types and definitely for Baldhead . How to use All In One Shampoo ? If you have a little bit problem with baldhead size as acoin or just like the beginning then will very easy quick cure, then just use All In One Shampoo at all. Then apply this shampoo massage into your hair concerntrating on the roots and then scalp. And keep it on for 10-15minutes and wash it off wit water. This treatment should be used everyday and at least 2 times a day. In case you have a big size problem size as fried egg then I'd like to recommend you use with Kenika Hair Serum. Because this serum is very helpful to treating hair loss and promote hair growth in a 100% natural way. In 1 bottle have Thai Herbal Extracted ove 12 types with really strongly to helping regrowth new hair up. you can apply this serum at least 2 times or as much as you wish in everyday for male. In the evening you must also use All In One Shampoo apply on your hair with gentle massage and then keep it on for 10-15 minutes. After that wash it off with water that all. You just do like i said in everyday then you will get great results after month and I Recommend you continue using shampoo 3-6 months ahead then you will see your hair will revert back to normal as well. 💥🔥🌺 Kenika Herb have an Amazing Natural Program Course for people who wish to register using our prpducts are really reasonable price @ 100USD. The price is Exclusive of the delivery to aboard. For the delivery is depending of the weight of the products in Combo Set that we are ready to serve you all from now. Thank you so much for reading and visitting our website . And don't for get to share our website if you like it . Thank you .


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All In One Shampoo " KH002 "

Product Overview:

Best Anti Hair Loss: Shampoo For Man

All In One Shampoo:

Nutrient-rich Shampoo to cleanse and leave hair looking fuller and thicker . Contains All Extract from Thai Herbs over 10 types to help nourish the hair and scalp. And help hair increase thicker and changing from hair grey to dark hair as well .

No Harsh Preservative and No Colors Added

Price THB90/Peice Or  $ 3/Peice

Weight 120G.

📌The benefit and Feature of All In One Shampoo📌

If you’re suffering from severe hair loss, this anti hair loss shampoo from the trusted brand Kenika Herb is for you. This shampoo will improve tensile strength of your hair which will prevent hair fall and will also boost hair growth. After using this shampoo, the texture of your hair will also improve. It will make your hair thicker, stronger and shiny. This hair loss shampoo is made from natural ingredients so it will not cause any harmful effects at all. We satisfication guaranteed after use.