Kenika Herb

The Charm of Thai Herbs

Kenika Herb

The Charm of Thai Herbs

All In One Shampoo " Shampoo for Baldhead "

All In One Shampoo " KH002 "

Product Overview:

Best Anti Hair Loss: Shampoo For Man

All In One Shampoo:

Nutrient-rich Shampoo to cleanse and leave hair looking fuller and thicker . Contains All Extract from Thai Herbs over 10 types to help nourish the hair and scalp. And help hair increase thicker and changing from hair grey to dark hair as well .

No Harsh Preservative and No Colors Added

Price THB90/Peice Or USD3/Peice

Weight 120G.


📌The benefit and Feature of All In One Shampoo📌

If you’re suffering from severe hair loss, this anti hair loss shampoo from the trusted brand Kenika Herb is for you. This shampoo will improve tensile strength of your hair which will prevent hair fall and will also boost hair growth. After using this shampoo, the texture of your hair will also improve. It will make your hair thicker, stronger and shiny. This hair loss shampoo is made from natural ingredients so it will not cause any harmful effects at all. We satisfication guaranteed after use.